The Best Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Finding jobs for retirees can be beneficial due to the financial stability, increased retirement benefits and social and health benefits that jobs provide older adults.

Because jobs for seniors can open numerous personal and professional opportunities, they are tremendous resources post-retirement. However, finding the right job may be challenging as there are additional factors to consider as you age. Regardless, seniors and younger retirees are encouraged to explore their career options and find a job that satisfies their financial and social needs, as Supplementary Security Income (SSI) may not be enough in retirement.

The following sections explain the types of jobs that are ideal for older adults who have already retired. Seniors and retirees should search for part-time or flexible positions that adhere to their new and relaxed retirement schedules. However, this should not discourage them from pursuing mentally stimulating careers or opportunities with room for advancement. Many seniors and retirees find themselves bored and unable to find a social outlet comparable to work. Retirees should review the information provided below to find suitable jobs for retirees and seniors.

Part Time Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Good part-time jobs for seniors and retirees consist of positions involving little physical activity and a professional skillset. Retirees of any age may supplement their income with part-time jobs to ensure they receive enough money to support themselves and their families. However, some positions may be impractical for some older adults. A list of ideal part time jobs for retirees is provided below based on their ages.

  • Becoming a substitute teacher can be a rewarding career and give retirees the chance to interact with and inspire the youth. While substituting is a part-time position most often occupied by women in their 60s according to the Urban Institute, men and younger retirees may take advantage of the plentiful teaching positions available throughout the U.S. Retirees with an educational background can also become tutors to help prepare students for standardized tests or with their schoolwork.
  • Working retail. Although this part time job for retirees may seem less glamourous than teaching at a school, working retail can be a great opportunity for retired adults to meet new people and learn new skills. Additionally, being around books in a quiet and intellectual environment can be mentally stimulating. Retail positions are known for offering flexible work hours and require little commitment, which is perfect for retirees with other responsibilities and hobbies.
  • Seasonal work. Like bookseller jobs, seasonal positions offer retirees the chance to work in environments and around products they enjoy for a short period, like organic food, collectible items and national parks. These jobs tend to last a few months and may involve travel, giving retirees the ability to explore while earning some extra funds.
  • Customer service. The main purpose of working in customer service is to talk with others and problem solve. Working at help desks can capitalize on the skills many retirees already possess including good communication and time management skills. Retirees who miss personal interaction should consider applying for local customer service positions.

Of course, the best jobs for retirees will vary for each worker, but retirees can find countless opportunities on job search sites, at career fairs or at the businesses they frequent. However, part time jobs for senior citizens can even be found at retirees’ former employment.

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Some companies allow retirees to have a phased retirement. In this case, retirees can continue working the same job but limit their working hours over multiple years until they officially retire. Depending on their employer, retirees may also switch to a permanent part time job with the company during their retirement.

Work at Home Jobs for Retirees and Seniors

Jobs for retirees do not have to involve a commute to work, however. In fact, various work from home jobs for retirees can provide similar benefits that in-person positions can. A list of suggested work at home jobs that retirees can use when searching for employment is as follows:

  • Freelance positions. Freelance writing, editing, interpreting, translating, teaching and any other type of freelancing can offer retirees complete control over their working hours.
  • Arts and crafts. Posting handmade products for sale online, offering unique services (e.g., sewing or tailoring) or contributing to local bake sales gives retirees a sense of purpose and monetizes their favorite hobbies without even leaving their home.
  • Travel agent. Travel agents typically work via telephone and help clients plan and schedule vacations, and retirees can benefit from travel ideas and the travel perks associated with agenting.
  • If retirees liked their previous employer, then they may act as a consultant and provide assistance to the company as needed.

How to Prepare for Jobs as a Retiree

While finding the right jobs for retired persons is difficult, it is also difficult to prepare for a job as a retiree. Jobs for retirees may require different skills and levels of commitment that retirees may not be used to. With rising life-expectancies and increasing costs of living, retirees may need to save more money for their retirement and apply for additional sources of income. Though, as retirement changes, so too does the job market, so retirees are advised to familiarize themselves with new skills and work industries available. For example, they can take computer courses, volunteer at companies or find internships or apprenticeships. The following list of tips is meant to help retirees apply for the best jobs for retirees and reenter the workforce with as little stress as possible:

  • Seniors should update their resumes to reflect current skills and expertise.
  • Retirees should make sure to seek career advice from career advisors, coaches and trusted professionals.
  • Retired professionals should ensure that they stay open to new experiences and remain humble in work environments.
  • Retirees should make sure to know how to explain employment situations and any gaps in their work history.
  • Seniors and retirees seeking employment may want to consider alternative employment options such as internships or apprenticeships.

According to the 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey, about 64 percent of all participants reported that they had less than $50,000 for their retirement, meaning that they are more likely to seek out other sources of income. Preparing for employment as a retiree can help you overcome financial hardships  you may encounter during your retirement.

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